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tv   The Last Word  MSNBC  May 16, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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the aisle. it's going to come near the end and it's going to be i have to vote for this guy because i hate obama so much. not a marriage made in heaven. new york city, no marriage at all. that's "hardball" for now. tomorrow i'll be out in los angeles with bill maher on the show. "last word with lawrence o'donnell" starts right now. well, it's may 16th. and all day i've been trying to figure out a graceful way of saying i told you so. >> i wanted to show his birth certificate. i want him to show his birth certificate. >> why? >> but of course, trump is campaigning for higher ratings for his tv show before he eventually announces that he's not running for president. >> somebody told me he's going to. somebody that knows trump very well and says, look, he's committed to it. >> meredith viera asked the star
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of what is nbc's highest rated primetime show about his campaign for president, which i promise you is not real. >> i've never taken it seriously like this. this is a very serious time in my life. >> i think if the field remains this weak and no one emerges and takes up the space trump is taking up, he will run. i think he'll be a player. >> there's probably no more than a month left in trump's fake campaign. nbc will amouns its primetime lineup for next season here in new york on monday, may 16th. >> my center piece is to bring jobs back to this country and this is what i'm the best at. >> his fake campaign will be over by may 16th, when nbc announces trump's position in next season's primetime schedule. >> he is running? >> absolutely. >> he's bullet proof. >> donald trump continues to dupe people into thinking he's running for president. >> he stands for success. i take him seriously he stands for the idea that the small guy can get ahead. >> over by may 16th.
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>> i think you will be surprised. >> i think he's going to run. i think he's going to be a very effective candidate. he is more economy. >> over by may 16th. >> there are other good candidates, donald trump is one of them. >> the republicans don't like it because i'm not in the club. >> now you're probably wondering about our favorite ratings hit "celebrity apprentice." we will of course be bringing it back from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. as we saw this year, the crazier the celebrities, the higher the ratings. >> and so the most monstrous publicity stunt the in the history of egomaniacal tv performer publicity stunts -- >> i'm very proud of myself -- very proud of myself. >> ends with this whimper. >> i will not be running for president as much as i'd like to. and i want to thank everybody very much.
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>> donald trump lied many, many times when telling interviewers and audiences that he would announce his decision about running for president after the finale of his tv show next sunday or some time later than that. as i told you from the start, he would make that announcement on may 16th. today. and so he did. at a time and place not of his choosing. at a time and place of his employer's choosing. an event in new york where nbc announced its fall primetime entertainmentment line upfor next season which as predicted relentlessly from this desk includes donald trump's services as now one of the proven celebrities on a show about crazy celebrities trying to do things that crazy celebrities do not know how to do. the president of nbc entertainment said this about trump's show today, the crazier the celebrities, the higher the
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ratings. which as much as anything explains the method to trump's madness. the political pundits were of course shocked by trump's fake announcement. of the fake end of his fake campaign. a fake campaign cannot actually have a real end because everything about the campaign was fake and obviously fake. but that didn't save the pundits from being faked out by trump. most of the people you see talking about football on television actually have to know something about football. many of them have actually played football. many of them have thrown passes, caught passes, been tackled. they've tackled people. most of the facts you read on the sports pages, are provably true. the red sox really did score that many runs last night. most people talking about the stock market on cnbc and elsewhere actually know something about the stock market. and the people at women's wear daily actually know something
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about women's clothing. unfortunately, there is no entrance exam for political pundits. so the inablity to understand what is happening right in front of them is common. yesterday's "the new york times" the best newspaper in america actually treated mike huckabee's announcement on his fox tv news show that he wouldn't run for president as news. when in fact mike huckabee as fox news president instance had made it patently obvious that he was not running for president as far back as march 2nd. >> effective today march 2nd, fox news has suspended its contributor arrangements with former house speaker newt gingrich and former pennsylvania senator rick santorum. both of whom have signalled possible runs for the president. >> that was the day that anyone
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who knows how to think understood beyond a doubt that mike huckabee was not going to run for president. and that is the way this program presented the huckabee news of march 2nd. we also happened to learn on that day that fox news contributor sarah palin had not been suspended. confirmation that she too was not among those going to run for president. but the political analysts to this day still entertain the notion that sarah palin might run for president. there has been much talk of the humiliation donald trump has visited upon himself with his fake campaign for president. the fresh attention he has brought to the hundreds of federal lawsuits he is involved in that alleged fraud. the laws he has told about he avoided the draft and combat during the vietnam war. the racist overtones and undertones and possible even racist intent of his baseless
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attacks on president obama. but donald trump has demonstrated every day of his fake campaign that he is not self-aware enough or smart enough to be humiliated by anything. he is and always has been a vol garian who doesn't -- vulgarian who doesn't have the vaguest notion of taste and decency. his spoiled rich kid constitution lacks the elemental human sensitivity that would make him capable of being embarrassed or humiliated. we learned at the white house correspondents' dinner that he clearly doesn't get the joke that is donald trump. >> donald trump has been saying that he will run for president as a republican, which is surprising since i just assumed he was running as a joke. >> obviously we all know about your credentials and breadth of experience.
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for example, seriously just recently in an episode of "celebrity apprentice," at the steak house the men's cooking team did not impress the judges from omaha steaks. there was a lot of blame to go around. you mr. trump recognized that the real problem was a lack of leadership. so ultimately you didn't blame lil' john or meatloaf. you fired gary busey. and these are the kind of decisions that would keep me up at night. ? the real humiliation of the fake trump campaign lies entirely with the political pundits who never understood the fraud that was being perpetrated on them every day by donald trumpl. the senator pundits are always telling you to ignore the early polls. completely ignore them. that mean nothing.
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we always say that. and then some, some of those pundits then fell for those same early polls that they say you should never pay attention to. those early polls that contained the statistical bubble that was trumpism. turns out in those polls trumpism was nothing other than a poll measurement of republican primary voters' negative feels, suspicions of and in some cases hatred of barack obama. when barack obama showed them the long form of his birth certificate, most of them changed their minds in the right direction about barack obama's birth and away from support for donald trump. when a few days later president obama killed osama bin laden, many of them changed their minds about his effectiveness as commander in chief and the trump bubble disappeared. you live now in a world of unlimited news sources as the
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2012 presidential cam tan gets ever so slightly more serious by the day, you have to make choices about where to gather your information. from this point forward, you would do well to ignore every word spoken or written by any political pundit who gave one day of creedance to the possibility of a trump for president campaign. political pundits have been given their first intelligence test of the 2012 campaign. i leave it to you to keep track of what passed and who failed. joining me now msnbc contributor and editorial writer for "the washington post" johnthon. on what i hope is our final trump segment together here on this network. >> thanks very much, lawrence. >> is there is lesson for the press in this? here is donald trump from out of
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nowhere and says, you know, i'm thinking about running for president and the press surges to attention on this without ever being able to call it for -- many without being able to call it for what it was as it was marching along. >> i think one of the big lessons is to ask the question why is he running for president, and what is he using as the launching pad for this candidacy? for me it was always his embrace of the birther conspiracy lie. the idea that he would base a run for president of the united states based on a lie, a lie that had been proven a lie but not just one, but two news organizations and countless people delving into the president's birth records and things. photographs of the certification of live birth and still he refused to say, okay, let me focus on china. i guarantee you if he had
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focused on china and his crazy foreign policy that maybe he would be running for president. but that's not what he did. so i think for reporters going forward they must look at what is this person running on. what are they? what is the foundation of their candidacy and if it's based on a lie, call it out for a lie. and then let that person stand or hang on their own words tom be taken seriously as a candidate especially rising to the top -- but not to the top, second or third place in republican primary voters based on a lie, you have to ask yourself if you're a political reporter or political pundit is this sustainable? we knew from the very beginning that it was not. >> isn't it fair also very us all to consider how many times has this person kind of fraudulently run for president
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before. if you've got one or two strikes against you as pretending to run or think about running for president before, shouldn't we just presume this is fact until you prove otherwise? >> absolutely. it's not like this is the first time or the second time. if i'm not mistaken it's like the third or fourth time that he's done this. >> it is. >> so a lot of people should have taken a step back and thought, okay, he couldn't -- this cannot be for real. even i would read the news reports about how donald trump was interviewing political operatives. how he was getting a pollster, doing this, doing that. and to my mind until the press release comes out saying that so and so has joined trump pac or whatever he was going to call it, i'm not going to believe. >> exactly. there was no evidence of real assembly of a presidential campaign at all. he got one guy who's available to any campaign for money who's never with winning campaigns. just a joke character to enter his realm briefly.
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there was no evidence of doing the real ground work. i think the cover -- it was fine to cover it, but to not keep it in context as here's what he hasn't done. here's why it still looks very, very unlikely if not impossible that he will ever choose to run for president. that is to me where the press failed in the way they followed this. i got an email today from an amateur pundit, not a pundit at all, a friend of mine who said isn't this is best thing that trump could have done for the democrats? he got in there and fooled with the republican party long enough to make them look stupid. >> yes. he played republican primary voters for chumps. he played the american people for chumps. there are some things that he said, that you know perked people's ears up because he was taken it to a president at the time when no one else would on foreign policy issues particularly on china. but you know, he would say things in all of his press conferences every time he spoke
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to the media there was always a central thing that he always talked about. i've got this great tv show, high ratings season finale may 26th. he would say it over and over again. to me that was my dog whistle that he was not serious about running. >> you are right about donald trump and right for america. thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> thanks, lawrence. coming up, the real republican candidates for president mike huckabee made it official for anyone who needed to hear it that he's not actually running for president. and paul ryan and rush limbaugh are attacking newt gingrich. what does all that mean for the field of republican candidates? and later one of the most powerful men in the world someone considered possibly the next president of france is now behind bars in new york city charged with sexually assaulting a hotel maid. the shocking scandal with the head of the international monetary fund and the headlines it's generating around the [ ticking ]
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. coming up, newt gingrich does "meet the press" and the republican party does a double take and maybe even a spit take while they were at it. less than one week into his campaign and gingrich gets punished by one conservative after another today. newt's white house dream dies in the first official week of his campaign. and later, cia chief leon panetta rewrites the story from the bush administration that torture led to the shooting of torture led to the shooting of osama bin laden.
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i am not going to justify this. i am not going to explain this. the attack on paul ryan. the support for an individual mandate in health care. folks, don't ask me to explain this. there is no explanation. >> that was rush limbaugh's exasperation with and condemnation of newt gingrich's first "meet the press" appearance since officially becoming a presidential campaign. in the interview david gregory masterfully exposed gingrich's support for an individual mandate in health care, a key component of the massachusetts health care law signed by republican presidential candidate mitt romney. and the basis of the conservative constitutional challenges to the federal health care reform law signed by president obama. gingrich also characterized the republican budget bill authored by house budget chairman paul ryan and passed with almost
8:21 pm
unanimous support in the house as rad dal. -- radical. >> i don't think right wing social engineering is anymore desireable than left wing social engineering. i think we need a national conversation to get to a better medicare system with more choices for seniors. >> but not what paul ryan is suggesting which is completely changing medicare. >> i think that is too big a jump. i think what you want to have is a system where people voluntarily migrate to better solutions, better options. not one where you suddenly impose. i'm against obama care which is imposing radical care. and i would be against a conservative imposing radical change. >> in response congressman ryan said on a conservative radio show, with allies like that, who needs the left. joining me now is "the washington post" columnist dana
8:22 pm
millbank. >> good evening, lawrence. >> what was the guy thinking? i don't think that you were allowed to say that there was radical change from the right? >> it's the old michael kinsly rule that a gaffe in washington is when you accidentally speak the truth. newt's been known to do this from time to time. he's shot his mouth off in unhelpful ways before. i think this is a revealing moment. not necessarily because what it says about newt. he's got enough troubles. what it says about the republican party. he really hasn't changed all that much. he's been into this individual mandate on and off for the better part of a couple of decades. he has had common cause with hillary clinton sharing a stage with her to talk about health care. what's happened here is the republican party has gone in a very different direction. newt used to talk about medicare withering on the vine. now the debate is do you cut it off at the trunk or poison the root. it's not newt that's changed here it's the party. >> on the individual mandate,
8:23 pm
david gregory actually had to corner him. it was a series of questions that we don't have time for right now that got him into saying, okay, i was for it and i am still for some form of making people pay. he said he didn't want any free riders as he put it in the health care system. but there's nothing clearer in republican politics than opposition to any form of the individual mandate. how could any republican candidate go out there in the first week of official candidacy and actually get cornered into some form of support for an individual mandate? this is an unprepared candidate? >> you would think that after all these decades in politics, he wouldn't be. i think the reaction is best summed up, a republican voter in debuick said newt, you'd better get out now before you make a bigger fool of yourself. the problem by newt he just saw
8:24 pm
this by mitt romney last week who tried to go through this. he got yooifrlly panned by a lot of republicans and by conservative pundits. newt was forewarned and walks into the same trap. both romney and gingrich are making a fundamentally conservative problem about the free rider problem. and you've got to punish people that try to gain the system. that's how the whole situation's developed. >> one of the expectations of gingrich as a candidate is he will be a good debater. he'll be a force to be reckoned with on the republican debate stage. i am not so sure after watching how he performed on "meet the press." >> he'll be a good debater, but he'll be debating himself. he's a man who says occasionally brilliant things. he's a bit of a nutty professor. you never know which direction he's going to go off in. we've seen it once again. >> thanks for joining us tonight. >> thanks, lawrence. coming up with trump and
8:25 pm
huckabee finally officially out, the republican presidential candidates who actually have a chance to get the nomination are coming into focus. and later one of the most powerful bankers in the world is accused of raping a hotel worker in new york city. in the rewrite, the cia director tells the truce about torture. >> announcer: this past year alone there's been a 67% spike in companies embracing the cloud-- big clouds, small ones, public, private, even hybrid. your data and apps must move easily and securely to reach many clouds, not just one. that's why the network that connects, protects, and lets your data move fearlessly through the clouds means more than ever. ♪
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. ahead in this hour, the real candidates begin to emerge in the 2012 presidential race after two fake ones officially bow out. and later the cia director rewrites the bush administration's story that waterboarding led the way to osama bin laden. hey, smart. you book your room yet? nope. see, has over 20,000 last minute deals every week. so i get a great deal, no matter how long i wait. yeah, i'm not very good at waiting... then we must train you to wait. it is time to book, grasshopper.
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time for tonight's rewrite. after a week of bush administration officials trying to take credit for the killing of osama bin laden by insisting that the key intelligence was as a result of their enthusiastic use of torture on al qaeda detainees, senator john mccain in "the washington post" op-ed piece and on the senate floor said this -- >> in my personal experience the abuse of prisoners sometimes produces good intelligence, but often produces bad intelligence. because under torture a person
8:33 pm
will say anything he thinks his captors want to hear if it the true or false if he believes it will stop his suffering. often information provided to stop the torture is deliberately misleading whachl the advocates of cruel and unusual techniques could not prove is that we could not have gained the same intelligence through for humane means. >> some republicans attacked mccain himself, a victim of torture at the hands of the north vietnamese. it was said in "the wall street journal," of course, consider how the intelligence that led to bin laden came to hand. it began with a disclosure from mohammed who broke like a dam under the pressure of harsh interrogation techniques that included waterboarding.
8:34 pm
he loosed a torrent of information, including eventually the nickname of a trusted courier of bin laden. enter leon panetta the director of the cia who wrote a personal letter to senator mccain after he spoke on the senate floor. the letter was obtained by greg sergeant of "the washington post's" plum line and reads in part -- nearly ten years of intensive intelligence work led the cia to conclude that bin laden was likely hiding at the compound in abbottabad, pakistan, where there was no essential and indispensable key piece of information that ledtous this conclusion. rather the intelligence picture was developed via pain staking collection, analysis, multiple streams of intelligence including from detainees but also from multiple other sources led cia analysts to conclude that bin laden was at this compound.
8:35 pm
some of the detainees who provided information about the facilitied courier's role has been subject to enhanced interrogation techniques. whether those techniques were the only way to obtain the information is up for debate. what is dhenintive is that information was only a part of multiple streams of intelligence that led us to bin laden. now comes a specific rebuke of the bush team fiction that the road to bin laden began with a diskilo slur from khalid sheik ma homd broke under waterboarding. pa met ta's letter to mccain says, let me first point out that we learned a tbt courier from a detainee not in cia custody in 2002. so leon panetta the director of the cia is saying in very
8:36 pm
specific terms we did not learn the courier's name from khalid sheik mohammed. he goes on to say quote, it is important to note that some detainees attempted to provide false or misleading information about the courier. the cia director sums up the intel gathering to led to bin laden this way. in the end to detainee in cia custody revealed the courier's full true name or specific whereabouts. this information was discovered through other intelligence means. and so america, the choice is yours. you can believe the administration that gave up the search for osama bin laden -- >> bigger than one person. and he's just -- he's a person
8:37 pm
who's now been marginalized. his network -- his host government has been destroyed. i don't know where he is. i just don't spend that much time on him, really to be honest with you. we haven't heard much from him. i wouldn't necessarily say he's at the center of any command structure. you know, again, i don't know where he is. i repeat what i said, i truly am not that concerned about him. >> you can believe the administration that having given up on bin laden then marched confidently into iraq where it for some reason was convinced there were weapons of mass destruction. even though they had no reliable source for that information like say, maybe some iraqi generals who maybe they had waterboarded and confessed about where the weapons of mass destruction were. if waterboarding was an invaluable tool as bush administration officials insist
8:38 pm
it was, one wonders why they would have invaded iraq looking for weapons of mass destruction without having waterboarded anyone. no one. ahead of time to find out where those weapons were. not a single knowledgeable iraqi was waterboarded about where saddam was hiding the weapons of mass destruction. according to the bush theory of waterboarding we could have saved ourselves maybe one expensive war by a couple of waterboarding sessions. but is there any chance that the bush administration would have believed any iraqis who when waterboarded insisted that there really were no weapons of mass destruction in iraq? no. they would have just kept waterboarding them. the waterboarding would have stopped only when when the waterborders heard what they wanted to hear. and then they would have march sbood iraq looking for the weapons of mass drx after getting the false leads from the
8:39 pm
waterboarded iraqis who simply said what they knew they had to say to get the waterboarding to stop. you can believe the administration, which to this day insists that saddam hussein was a threat to the united states as condoleezza rice said on this program a week and a half ago. despite the proof that the bush invasion provided that saddam hussein had no weapons or plans or dreams that could threaten the united states in any way. you can believe michael mu casy. you can believe donald rumsfeld, you can believe dick cheney about how we got osama bin laden. or you can believe leon panetta the cia director who actually got bin laden. or you can believe senator john mccain who has listened to the republican liars about torture and has rendered the politically
8:40 pm
inconvenient judgment for him that the truth lies on the side of the democratic president and cia director who decided to make chasing bin laden and getting him their number one priority. as hard as it was for navy s.e.a.l. team six to kill bin laden, it is even harder to kill political lies. political lies cannot be killed simply by the truth. political lies will be told as long as there is a politician near a microphone with an incentive to tell that lie. and so the lie about torture leading to bin laden will be with us for a few more decades. it will no doubt grow quiet in its old age. and then it will die. and it will finally be buried not by politicians, but by historians. and on this one lien panetta and john mccain are on the right with bengay pain relief plus massage
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>> in the spotlight tonight, the narrowing field of republican candidates. in the last 48 hours two people who we knew were not running for president actually made news by confirming that they're not running for president. the real republican candidates for president remain mitt romney, tim pawlenty, rick santorum, newt gingrich and ron paul. joining me now to discuss the road to the republican nomination is howard fineman, editorial director for the huffington post and msnbc political analyst. thanks for joining me. who do you think may still get in this race? is it open for anyone else at this point? >> well, talking to the romney people late this afternoon, they -- i think they say they're hearing the word that michelle backman is going to get in especially because she has ties to iowa with huckabee out that opens up the evangelical vote there. i'm not sure if the romney
8:46 pm
people they that's goin to happen or they want that to happen or both. i think they would like that to happen because they don't want to take iowa seriously. if she gets in there, the romney people can take it less seriously. >> i want you to listen to something said yesterday on cbs. >> this is the most open scramble on the republican side since 1940 when wendell will ki came out of the woodwork and swept the field. i think people are complaining that this is not off to a brisk start. i think that's wrong. i think we know with reasonable certainty stating at the capital will be one of three people, obama, pawlenty and daniels. i think that's it. >> there he is enunciating my pawlenty theory. he's been on pawlenty for quite a while. in my case it's process of elimination. there's something wrong with
8:47 pm
everybody else. but what about mitch daniels? he's the latest big question mark about considering getting in here. >> he is a question mark and having known him and covered him for a long time, i know that the personal situation involving his wife and more important his kids could be determinative. i think mitch daniels wants to run. i think if he had his way he would run. he's not only got his wife to consider who doesn't like politics. he's got his four daughters and their spouses to consider. they're not eager for it at all. i think that's very dicey in the case of mitch daniels. i think it's interesting that george well who knows his way around the republican party especially doesn't take mitt romney seriously. that's sort of what he was saying there in that clip. i don't know that that's right. except i do know having covered mitt romney in the last go around that boy, he's a tough sell. talk about process of elimination on paper he seems great. he's got the money, he's got the
8:48 pm
organization. he ran before. he could probably finness the health care thing. he's just not a good candidate. even tim pawlenty can be exciting standing next to mitt romney. >> this is part of why i end up with pawlenty is because the competition, there's no star in that competition. >> no. >> can somebody as you know, theoretically boring as pawlenty get up there? this this system he could. listen to what nait silver said in his tweet on saturday once the huckabee thing became clear. i've been skeptical of pawlenty's kand dadesy. things are shaping up pretty well for him. the reason i mention that, howard, there is an impatience out there among republicans. they've been fooled around with by trump and at a certain point, when does the impatience break and people tributors and others just think i've got to start moving toward a candidate? >> if you talk to the pawlenty people as i was doing today,
8:49 pm
they say that time is happening now. starting to happen now for them. one of the problems he had was money. he's starting to get real support. people are thinking it through the way you are on the republican side. the think about pawlenty having interviewed him in minnesota and watched him some, i know his family a little bit. they're gaited for politics. it's meet and greet for them. he's born for it. he loves it. you have to really like to campaign in order to succeed at it. plus he's been a governor with a mixed record, but a governor who's got a record to run on. another guy i'd keep my eye on and i know it's fashionable, i think it's true is john huntsman. the reason i say john huntman is this, we may be over stating the control of the iowa caucuses by the evangelical christians. i think that the republicans in iowa are going to be so eager and so excited to come out and help pick a candidate that it might be a huge turnout in the
8:50 pm
iowa caucuses. if it is a huge turnout, that dilutes the power of evangelicals who in a low turnout election would be half of the voters. if they're down to 1/3 of voters, that could give huntsman a shot to surprise people and slingshot himself into the race. >> he seems much closer to moving into the race than even mitch daniels does at this point. >> i think that's definitely so. i think he's in. >> howard fineman, thanks for joining us tonight. >> thank you very much. in a manhattan court today the man some thought might be the next president of france was charged with multiple counts of sexual assault and denied bail. sexual assault and denied bail. that's coming up. [ woman speaking chinese ] thank you. do you have an english menu? no english. [ speaking chinese ] [ gasps, speaks chinese ] do you guys like dumplings? i love dumplings. working with a partner you can trust
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international monetary fund was scheduled to meet with european finance ministers in brussels today to discuss financial rescue packages for portugal, greece and other nations facing debt crisis. but the finance ministers were left to talk among themselves while dominique strauss-kahn was arraigned in a manhattan criminal court on charges he sexually assaulted a housekeeper in a luxury suite at the sofitel hotel in midtown manhattan on saturday. a few hours after the alleged incident, three port authority detectives arrested mr. strauss-kahn while he sat in first class aboard an air france flight that was ten minutes from departing for paris.
8:55 pm
according to an imf official he was in new york on private business. reports indicate he was in town to have lunch with his daughter who is a graduate student at columbia university. today the judge ordered strauss-kahn without bail until his next court date on friday. his attorney who once successfully defended michael jackson said he will plead not guilty. press secretary jay carney provided the white house's reaction aboard air force one today. >> we know that the imf has said that he have appointed an acting director and the imf is fully functional and we remain confident in the institution to continue to effectively run. >> mr. strauss-kahn was expected to leave his post at the imt to run many the french presidential election set for next april. recent polls plaszed him he's of current president nicholas
8:56 pm
sarkozy. he has faced similar -- not similar, he has faced some questions about his interaction with women in the past including a french novelist dating back to 2002. in 2008 he is known to have an affair with an imf economist. "the guardian" reports that strauss-kahn told two journalists off the record less than three weeks ago, yes, i like women, so what. for years there's been talk of photos, of a giant orgy, but i've never seen them come out. amman, this is for many of us are first introduction to this guy. who is this man who talks about photos of a giant orgy doesn't deny the photos of the orgy, simply says i haven't seen them come out? >> lawrence this is politics french style. it's a little bit different than
8:57 pm
what we're used to in washington, d.c. this is just a stunning story here. it's got sex, violence, politics, and hundreds of billions of dollars at stake in the global economy. we're dealing here with a figure who transends economics. he's the head of the imf. he's the leading candidate to succeed sarkozy as the president of france. you've got somebody who's incredibly influential at helps to solve the euro zone's massive debt crisis. that's the thing that's got the entire global economy teetering on the brink as the market watches to say will they or will they get their economic house in order in europe? this is the guy that was going to go to the negotiations and bring these parties to the table, bring the imf and the euro zone countries and make a deal. he was a big backer of the aid for greece. now that's all thrown up into the air. there's real question now who is going to take over at the i mirks f and who's going to be the leading figure in these talk
8:58 pm
ms the euro zone. >> what the the confidence level in the acting director? >> it's high. we've got an american who stepped in here. he's a vet an of j.p. morgan and other big financial houses on wall street. he's a well known figure. we've got the number two stepping up at a time he said he was going to step down. he was intending to resign later on this year. at the same time we've got a big push now from the so-called bric countries, br zale, russia, india, china. these countries are saying the europeans have controlled the imf for years, the americans control the world bank. we want in on this deal. we want somebody from our country to take over. there's going to be a free for all here as to who gets this slot next. >> conspiracy theories are already flying across the atlantic, especially since he had political ambitions and possibly position to run against sarkozy. that's talk of what this somehow a set up, which of course would
8:59 pm
be calling into question the hotel worker's credibility. what's the speed and the state of the conspiracy theories at this point? >> well, i think there's just total shock and disbelief in france right now that this could have happened to one of their leading politicians that we're now seeing reports that he may have had a history of this kind of behavior over years and years and it had never come out. never damaged his standing as a leader of the french political class. there are real questions as to why that was. you're starting to see all these conspiracy theories sprout up. there might be some french resentiment of the americans here. there's real resentiment in france over the perp walk. dominique strauss-kahn paraded before cameras. that wouldn't have happened in france. all of that is rolling together to create real tensions in france right now. we should say there is no evidence of anything like a set up here. the devil is going to be in the dna details here.


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